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On this day in 1700, English pranksters begin popularizing the annual tradition of April Fools’ Day by playing practical jokes on each other.

Although the day, also called All Fools’ Day, has been celebrated for several centuries by different cultures, its exact origins remain a mystery. Some historians speculate that April Fools’ Day dates back to 1582, when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, as called for by the Council of Trent in 1563. People who were slow to get the news or failed to recognize that the start of the new year had moved to January 1 and continued to celebrate it during the last week of March through April 1 became the butt of jokes and hoaxes. These included having paper fish placed on their backs and being referred to as “poisson d’avril” (April fish), said to symbolize a young, easily caught fish and a gullible person.

Historians have also linked April Fools’ Day to ancient festivals such as Hilaria, which was celebrated in Rome at the end of March and involved people dressing up in disguises. There’s also speculation that April Fools’ Day was tied to the vernal equinox, or first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, when Mother Nature fooled people with changing, unpredictable weather.

April Fools’ Day spread throughout Britain during the 18th century. In Scotland, the tradition became a two-day event, starting with “hunting the gowk,” in which people were sent on phony errands (gowk is a word for cuckoo bird, a symbol for fool) and followed by Tailie Day, which involved pranks played on people’s derrieres, such as pinning fake tails or “kick me” signs on them.

In modern times, people have gone to great lengths to create elaborate April Fools’ Day hoaxes. Newspapers, radio and TV stations and Web sites have participated in the April 1 tradition of reporting outrageous fictional claims that have fooled their audiences. In 1957, the BBC reported that Swiss farmers were experiencing a record spaghetti crop and showed footage of people harvesting noodles from trees; numerous viewers were fooled. In 1985, Sports Illustrated tricked many of its readers when it ran a made-up article about a rookie pitcher named Sidd Finch who could throw a fastball over 168 miles per hour. In 1996, Taco Bell, the fast-food restaurant chain, duped people when it announced it had agreed to purchase Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell and intended to rename it the Taco Liberty Bell. In 1998, after Burger King advertised a “Left-Handed Whopper,” scores of clueless customers requested the fake sandwich.

International Woman Day: For all those who died….

For All Those Who Died

For all those who died-
stripped naked, shaved, shorn.

For all those who screamed
in vain to the Great Goddess
only to have their tongues
ripped out at the root.

For all those who were pricked, racked, broken on the wheel
for the sins of their Inquisitors.

For all those whose beauty
stirred their torturers to fury;
& for all those whose ugliness did the same.

For all those who were neither ugly nor beautiful,
but only women who would not submit.

For all those quick fingers
broken in the vise.

For all those soft arms
pulled from their sockets.

For all those budding breasts
ripped with hot pincers.

For all those midwives killed merely for the sin
of delivering man
to an imperfect world.

For all those witch-women, my sisters,
who breathed freer
as the flames took them,

knowing as they shed
their female bodies,
the seared flesh falling like fruit
in the flames,

that death alone would cleanse them
of the sin for which they died

the sin of being born a woman,
who is more than the sum
of her parts.

© Erica Mann Jong

Dedicate to my Thelma ” We are as the wind sister, nothing can stop us ….”

Artist: Julie Fowlish
Album: Brave Movie Soundtrack
Soundtrack from movie Pixar :

“Touch The Sky”

When the cold wind is calling
And the sky is clear and bright
Misty mountains sing and beckon,
“Lead me out into the light”

I will ride, I will fly
Chase the wind and touch the sky
I will fly
Chase the wind and touch the sky

Where dark woods hide secrets
And mountains are fierce and bold
Deep waters hold reflections
Of times lost long ago

I will hear their every story
Take hold of my own dream
Be as strong as the seas are stormy
And proud as an eagle’s scream

I will ride, I will fly
Chase the wind and touch the sky
I will fly
Chase the wind and touch the sky

And touch the sky
Chase the wind, chase the wind
Touch the sky

You Are My Sunshine, Old Couple Sing Together While Husband Lays Dying in Bed #love #cry

This gentleman today is slowly recovering, but at the time when the video was shot had broken pelvis and blood infection that compromised the health of your heart. He thought he was about to die . In the sad and well known frame of a hospital bed, he and his wife , still united against the cold of the world , give us a pearl of rare and delicate magic .

I cry….

Istanbul scream: STOP authoritarianism and sharia ( article translate form web) #OccupyGezi #OccupyGezi



Istanbul, the word to those who protest against Erdogan: “Enough is enough authoritarianism and sharia ‘
One of the students took to the streets Taksim tells tempi.it a rebellion born from the need to overcome the ancient conflict between Islamists and secularists tearing Turkey
Yes the use of the Islamic headscarf in schools. Hostess of Turkish Airlines with the obligation to bring long skirts to the ankle. Complaints for blasphemy. Journalists in prison for speaking out against the government beings. Read against the consumption of alcohol in public places. It is to this escalation, which began in 2002 after the first election by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who many in Turkey have decided to say enough is enough. Contrasting all ‘”Islamization” of the country initiated by Erdogan history of the Republic of Atatürk, born right in opposition to the theocratic power Ottoman Empire.
Against this backdrop, last Saturday, exploded a revolt against the government , following the decision to destroy the park Gezi Istanbul is not only to make way for a shopping center, but also a mosque and a barracks. “It is no longer acceptable to have a model of the genre, even if the previous one to Erdogan did not work,” he told tempi.it Melis O., 24, a student at the University of the Bosphorus in Istanbul which these days has fallen in Taksim Square , a symbol of the anti-government uprising.
Why Prime Minister Erdogan has gone from a state model in which every religious expression was looked upon with suspicion of a pro-Islamic?
do not know why it has taken this direction. There are definitely strategic reasons related to the position of the country compared to other states in the Middle East. Although the Prime Minister to answer this same question absolutely do not want a theocratic state. In fact, however, is by passing laws that impose Islamic precepts. First it was the exact opposite: any religious expression was forbidden in institutional places. I’m not saying that the previous model was completely right, but Erdogan is going to the opposite extreme. On the measure against liquor he said, referring to Kemal Atatürk and Ismet Inönü: “Accept the laws of our two drunks and rejected that instead approve what controls the religion.” Then, when he was asked who the “drunk”, Erdogan said that he did not remember and that he was speaking off the cuff. This episode in my opinion makes it clear that secularism is in danger: Erdogan has clearly married sharia .
The newspapers speak of the violence of those who protest. How to build an alternative in a similar climate?
Episodes of violence are circumscribed. There are provocateurs among us, people who try to arm the protest. But the real protesters are unarmed, indeed denounce the extremists who use them. The papers are then mostly biased and tell only what they want. Erdogan is a smart man: the mainstream media have been put in friendly hands, so do not say what actually happens. For example, few newspapers are reminders that people only took to the streets to protest against the demolition of the park Gezi, there was no other end, but then the police attacked the demonstrators with tear gas. That is why we have started the clashes.
Who are the forces took the field? The government accuses the opposition Social Democrats.
Protest is compact, political rivals are now next to each other: I saw the Kurds and members of the MHP, the National Action Party, united against the attacks of the police. Erdogan has called the protesters “three or four jackals.” There were hundreds of people out there, representatives of each category or social class. People who no longer believe in his words and in his laws.
What do you propose Taksim Square?
Our proposal is this: we want a real democracy, in which truly participate in the management of power. We would like Erdogan, before imposing top-down what he wants, listen to the needs of civil society: the story of the park Gezi was the straw that broke the camel’s back. People expect to be consulted, however, the government decided yet by itself. If an alternative party does not yet exist, we think the Turkish policy needs to be reborn from the bottom.


Darth Vader showed up.

Turkish sense of humor.. It would appear they’ve got some.. cc @MohHKamel

Source: youtube.com

And there are Guy Fawkes masks.

Dear Anonymous. You do not forgive. We are LOADING. Hello from Taksim#occupygezi @YourAnonNews @AnonOpsLegion

There are musicians.

Classical music concert at #occupygezi followed by crowds chanting “Tayyip enemy of culture” #istanbul #taksim

Source: statigr.am

There are musicians wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

And a musician who marched, guitar in hand.

And a musician who marched, guitar in hand.

Source: statigr.am

There is yoga.

Gezi Park’ta yoga yapan direnişçiler. Poziyonun adı “Altaylı SCD”

“Oh yes, the #occupygezi demonstrators are very violent. They’re doing yoga right now” via rbl.ms/15DOYTi

Gezi Parkı’ndan güzel görüntüler gelmeye devam ediyor:) Yoga saati! #DirenGeziParkı#OccupyGezi

A lot of yoga.

A lot of yoga.

Source: statigr.am

There are hammocks.

There are hammocks.

And there is a library.

@SDMumford In today, people distributed a lots of books and they read in gezi park like that :)

Source: statigr.am

There are dogs.

A dog inside Gezi park, it’s placard reads ” Tayyip with no personality”! #istanbul#gezipark #occupygezi

Like this one in sunglasses that rides a moped with his protester human.

Guy that was photographed yesterday sleeping with his dog + mask + glasses, here again ful awake at Gezi Park

Or this dog that would rather a park than a mall.

‘If there’s no park, I’ll poop in the mall’ (from Istanbul protests) #direngeziparki

Or this dog that understands the importance of a clean Gezi Park no matter how vicious the protesting becomes.

A dog helping with the cleaning in Gezipark, Istanbul. #occupygezi #occupyturkey

There are dogs that are being protected from tear gas.

There are dogs that are being protected from tear gas.

Source: statigr.am

And some that became more active than others.

Protesters in Istanbul helping a dog affected by tear gas.

There is art.

Gezi cok kalabalik ve harika! #direngeziparkı #occupygezi

Turkish protesters get creative: because statues are people too. #occupygezi#direngeziparkı #bubirsivildirenis

And there is kissing.

“Ogni movimento rivoluzionario è romantico per definizione” (Antonio Gramsci) Foto da Istanbul

There was even a bride and groom that marched in their wedding attire.

There was even a bride and groom that marched in their wedding attire.

Source: reddit.com

There is a whirling dervish in a gas mask.

The picture of the dervish protester in a gas-mask is already iconic. #occupygezi

(When I saw the gas-mask dervish yesterday, he was shirtless!) #occupygezi

And a protester-organized SWAT team, complete with spray-painted anarchy riot shields.

There are children.

With all the violence, this is the most powerful image I’ve seen out of #turkey.#occupygezi #OpTurkey

Source: statigr.am

And young people.

And young people.

Source: statigr.am

Source: statigr.am

And protesters that are a little bit older.

And protesters that are a little bit older.

Source: statigr.am

Source: statigr.am

Now in its eighth day, at least 3,195 people have been injured and 700 people detained since last Friday, with no signs of slowing down.

Now in its eighth day, at least 3,195 people have been injured and 700 people detained since last Friday , with no signs of slowing down.

Source: statigr.am


My heart is with you Turkey Our Brothers and Sisters. #Anonymous #Turkey #Istanbul #Photos From Istanbul #OccupyGezi

No Nobel….is a Woman…..

By Web Article

In April, Christie’s sold for $ 6 million in the letter in which the scientist Francis Crick described the DNA old son. In 1962, Crick, together with colleagues James Watson and Maurice Wilkins won the Nobel Prize for discovering the structure of DNA.

For many, it was an opportunity to remember a name that was missing among those crowned at the ceremony in Stockholm: Rosalind Franklin (pictured), biophysics Englishman who worked on the research by providing essential data for Crick and Watson, but whose work was devoid of awards.

Franklin was not the first woman to have suffered the injustice of a world, as  of science, dominated by males, but his case is perhaps one of the most blatant, says Ruth Lewin Sime, retired chemistry professor at Sacramento City College and scholar of science for women.

Cases such as Marie Curie or Rita Levi Montalcini still stand out as exceptions: the centuries, many women have worked as a “voluntary” in the universities, have been allocated the merit of their research and their findings to male colleagues, and they ended up be forgotten by textbooks.

With few resources available and struggling hard to achieve important results, many women have come to see “attributed to their husbands or male colleagues,” said Anne Lincoln, a sociologist at Southern Methodist University in Texas, who has studied the prejudices against women in science.

Today, the attitude towards women working in science has changed, says Laura Hoopes of Pomona College in California, but the distrust towards them is far from gone.

In this photo gallery, we present six scientists who have carried out fundamental research, but whose names you might not say much: and the reason is simply that they are women.




Remember one thing that many people forget,
The inventor of the lobotomy,
Moniz won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1949.
Prize still valid,
This is a shame ….

Google Reader R.I.P








R.I.P Iron Lady

R.I.P #Iron Lady. Proud woman, Royalty Free, and strong.
Woman to be taken, for example for our daughters.

I will always love you

The movie:
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

One of my favorite movies,
I’ve seen it so many times …
and gives me the same effect as always ….
I cry, I cry, I cry,
He and the love of his life, he will love forever, so the final decision to leave …
because he and a sheriff, he in front of him a road of successes and honors, can not do anything if he’s with her, because she and an outcast, a whore,
she and only a vomit of society …
but for him
her and her life her soul, the only thing for which is worth living ….
and I cry …

Happy International Women’s Day Never More, never forget



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